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Advocacy: online actions made easy

The comprehensive KAMPATOOLS Advocacy Package makes it easy to activate your online contacts and to strengthen public awareness of your organization in the process. Sign petitions on your web site, and offer a platform for sending protest mails or letters to the editor. Plan the proliferation of your action in advance. Just as important is the evaluation afterwards.

Online petitions

Quickly and easily create online petitions that your users can sign and comment on. With the integration of the online engagement platform Salsa, new signers are automatically added to your database and integrated into your email distribution groups.

Simple protest mail actions

Make protest messages available to your users. In doing so, you enable the sending of targeted emails, or fax messages to office bearers, business leaders, or politicians - directly from your KAMPATOOLS web site. You create the message and select the recipient - your users take care of the rest.

Protest mailing actions with multiple recipients

Broaden your strategy with personalized initiatives - don't send all your protest messages to the same recipient. Give your users the opportunity to choose one from among several different people, using criteria that you specify; for example, according to language, locality, company function, or other freely definable criteria.

Letter to the editor actions

Distribute your interests using the media - make sure that your users' voices and your own positions are being heard - using tools with which messages to local newspapers and other media outlets can be written and sent straight from your site.

Sharing via email and social media

As soon as your users have participated in an action, you can offer them social sharing and links by means of an automated confirmation email. That way your online contacts and friends can inform themselves about your initiatives, donate, or learn more about your work.

Monitoring effectiveness and learning for the future

Statistics enable you to generate indications of effectiveness, including the number of participants (sorted by target groups), the total number of emails sent, and much more.


Target mail demo

Protest with KAMPATOOLS.

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In reality, you'll individually define the recipient and the content of your mail.


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