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Fundraising: maximize donations and contributions

The KAMPATOOLS fundraising and donation functions facilitate the borrowing and the effective management of donations for all parties involved.

Create different donation sites and analyze the donation behavior of your online contacts in order to better react to their interests during the next call for donations.

Customizable donation sites

Securely hosted and ready-made donation sites that can be adapted to your needs very easily and precisely - with standard and definable fields.

Integrate your merchant account

Profit from full compatibility with current payment services. KAMPATOOLS supports standard involvement with credit card payments through Saferpay and Paypal.

Tailor donation options

Suggest donation contributions and options that are appropriate for your causes, including minimum and maximum contributions, regular donations, or anonymous donations.

Automate transaction emails

Directly following a donation, you have the option to send automated personalized confirmation and thank you emails to your donors and to inform them about extensive donations as needed.

Monitor campaign effectiveness

Donor data are automatically added to already existing contact data, so as to allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your calls for donations. Through comprehensive, standardized, or also user-defined messaging functions, fundraising data are accessible right away. With only a few clicks, you can sort the benefits received by registrant code, date, donation amount, and additional criteria. Check which of your campaigns is adopted the best, or which requires a little more advertising.

Analyze and segment

Use donor profile data to develop successful campaigns - analyze and segment donor profiles to improve target accuracy and the effectiveness of future campaigns.

Collect donations from supporters (upon request)

Peer-to-peer donation sites make it possible for everyone to collect for a cause using your own personalized donation site.


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