Drupal and Salsa: a strong pair for effective campaign work

KAMPATOOLS is essentially a technical package made up of the Drupal CMS and the online engagement platform Salsa. Small or medium size organization web sites can be used for multifaceted campaigns. Larger organizations deploy this affordable solution as a micro site in addition to their existing website for online campaigns. With KAMPATOOLS, you can present information, collect signatures, send newsletters, administer events, and collect donations. Support is included.

The right form for your content - thanks to Drupal

Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS), the steady development of which we are heavily involved in. KAMPATOOLS unites the most important Drupal functions.

Responsive publishing

With Drupal, you can create static sites, campaign and initiative sites, news and agenda entries, media communications and articles, picture galleries, widgets, and much more. All content is responsive and, therefore, optimized for desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. [more...]

Create advocacy actions, events with ease - thanks to Salsa

Salsa is far more than a contact database: it allows you to draw up advocacy initiatives with just a few clicks, to monitor your online donations, to manage events, and to send mailings to your online contacts.

Contact management

Manage basic information and activity for all the contacts in the central contact database. You'll know when someone donates, when they are active, and when they volunteer. [more...]


Salsa helps you to mobilize your online contacts - for petitions, open letters, protest mails, letter to the editor campaigns, and other targeted actions. [more...]

Email marketing

With Salsa's email module, you can send motivating and effective calls for action, newsletters, and donation pleas, and you can test their impact. [more...]

Collect donations

With Salsa, you can create a donation page and analyze, organize, and segment donors in an instant. For more donations with less effort. [more...]

Event management

Salsa enables you to easily plan and manage your events. You can handle registrations, waiting list management, registration confirmations, and follow-up emails in just a few steps. [more...}

That's how we support your work with KAMPATOOLS

Training & Support

Our support offerings consist of Kampaweb services and SalsaLabs documentation. While all current KAMPATOOLS-support services is delieverd by Kampaweb, you can also access detailed SalsaLabs documentation. [more...]


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