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Email: the heart of your online communication

Sending email blasts is a core element of every succesful online communication strategy. The comprehensive KAMPATOOLS email module contains everything you need to create motivating and effective action appeals, newsletters, or donation appeals, and to send them to your online contacts. You can easily create emails, add social sharing functions, build target groups, and monitor the effectiveness of your emails.

Create newsletters, action appeals, and donation appeals

Using the efficient module, emails for many different purposes can be created easily and within the shortest amount of time.

Integrate social sharing

Broaden your message with social sharing - with the social sharing function, use your email contacts to further increase your outreach.

Test and optimize

Raise your delivery quota - maximize your delivery quota with the help of formatting, scheduling, testing, and validation tools.

Segment, analyze, monitor lists

Segment your supporters in an unbelievably precise manner by means of all profile data saved in the contact database. With automated list management functions, you can handle undeliverable emails, as well as registrations and cancellations.

Create reports

Monitor the opening rates, deliverability, as well as the click and conversion rates of all your emails. Hone your analyses and sort your results according to domain names or groups, or compare the email statistics of different campaigns or time frames.


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