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For Solidar versus FIFA boss Sepp Blatter

Solidar Suisse is fighting so that Brazil's street vendors can also conduct their business around the stadiums during the FIFA World Cup. 

A few days after the start of the campaign, and after 10,000 protest emails to FIFA boss Sepp Blatter, the first signs of success are showing: FIFA is prepared to accredit 3000 street vendors.

Initial Situation

In terms of fair play, the World Cup 2014 in Brazil threatens to turn into a travesty. Through its contract, FIFA is ensuring that thousands of street vendors lose their jobs because they are not allowed to sell their goods at the stadiums.
As FIFA president, Sepp Blatter would have the power to prevent such injustices. Anyone who is so immersed in the concept of fair play, should also act accordingly.

Solidar Suisse's call to action

With a provocative video, in which Sepp Blatter sweeps across the soccer field and a fouls a street vendor with his tray so badly, that all his belongings go flying through the air, Solidar Suisse makes a call for active participation. Using the KAMPATOOLS' Target-Mail-Function, in a few days, 10,000 people from 85 countries protested to FIFA boss Sepp Blatter against this injustice. The first signs of successare showing: FIFA announced that they will begin the accreditation process for 3000 street vendors.

The Kampaweb/Wigwam-developed shock video

KAMPATOOLS at its best

Solidar Suisse's campaign website - on the subdomain - soon became multilingual (German , French, English, and Portuguese) and was set in the World Cup blue, yellow, and green style. Content and online campaigns were developed and message sharing was configured. This showed once again the importance of e-mail marketing for the success of online campaigns: almost 90% of the protest activities carried out were performed by people whom had been contacted by email. Even Facebook and YouTube are playing an important role in the movement as well.

"The complete integration of the campaign website with the contacts database, the online campaigns, and e-mail marketing allows us to communicate with our supporters in personalized, efficient, and targeted manner. Solidar has thus once again clearly gained influence in campaign management." 
Eva Geel, Head of Communications and Campaigns at Solidar Suisse

Do your part as well to ensure fair play at the World Cup in Brazil. Write Sepp Blatter a message of protest today. Thank you!


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