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Kampaweb: an experienced online campaigner

Kampaweb was founded by campaign professionals and software developers, in order to support NGOs, authorities, and organizations with all aspects of online communications.

As a full-service agency, we provide assistance through powerful tools and strategic, content-related advice: from the conceptual to the technical implementation stages, and from text and graphics all the way up to social media and online advertising.


Kampaweb combines all of the important capabilities, which are necessary, so that web-wide online campaigns will mobilize people and make an impact. Large companies as well as small organizations benefit from this unique service and from our staff's many years of experience . Kampaweb incorporates many years of expertise in Open Source CMS Drupal into leading-edge mobilization platforms with strategic and creative know-how, which are essential for the implementation of successful online campaigns.

This combination of campaigning expertise and technical achievement distinguishes us from our competitors: we not only develop leading-edge technical solutions, we also assist in applying them with the proper "call-to-action" or in carrying out an effective drive for worthwhile investments. We believe that the most possible time should be available for the most important things: for exciting, captivating content. As little time as possible should therefore be spent on discussion and development of stand-alone technical solutions. So this is available to everyone, we have developed KAMPATOOLS.

The online and the real world

Online campaigning does not mean, that there is a change taking place on the Internet nowadays. That is why we are doing everything possible, so that your campaign and your arguments also make their way into the real world. Securing a disseminator on the Internet is a huge opportunity. Our mission is to ensure that, in doing so, you are just as successful as is possible.

Our principles

Kampaweb resolves that: Through our operations, we want to provide environmentally and socially sound ideas and products. We embrace only those directives, behind which we can also stand.


Kampaweb is an exclusive partner of Salsalabs for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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