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Monitor contacts intelligently and efficiently

Intelligent contact management is the heart of the online engagement platform Salsa. A report is created in the online database for each of your individual contacts. This is expanded and completed with each of this person's activities on your web site. That way you receive a perfect overview of their contact data and activity history. Details about their donation activity, event registrations, participation in advocacy actions, or reactions to email blasts are gathered in a central location..

Monitor individual contacts

With the help of an individual data sheet for each online contact, all important information is available at a glance. The record is expanded and completed each time a person is active on your web site. That way you receive a perfect overview of their contact data and activity history. Details about donation activity, event registrations, participation in advocacy initiatives, or reactions to mailings are gathered in a central location. In the process, KAMPATOOLS uses a person's email address for automated data comparison.


By means of groups and subgroups, as well as tags, you can organize your contacts and, for example, easily segment them for an email dispatch. This way, using simple settings, all participants of a certain KAMPATOOLS initiative can automatically be added to a group and be provided an appropriate tag.

Search functions

The easy-to-use search function supports you for all questions pertaining to your contact data. Easily search through all records according to certain criteria; optional, expandable "AND" and "OR" parameters help you to do so. That way you can include or exclude, for example, online contacts who have already participated in an activity or who have already read or received a specific mailing.


With a customizable, time-critical assessment algorithm, you can immediately identify your currently active supporters. By means of a point system, personally specify how strongly you would like individual activities (e.g. donating, signing a petition, etc.) to be weighted, as well as how quickly these points should be deducted again.


Using efficient analysis tools, you can observe your contacts' activities and create reports about them. All information gathered in the database - contact, event, donor, advocacy, and email data - is available to you in the process. You may export the assessments or display them as a graphic.

Importing and exporting data

Using the efficient import function, you can load many records and action histories into the database as desired. That way you can also import data collected through offline activities into the database quickly and efficiently. With the help of the search requests or records obtained by reports, you can, of course, also export them again at any time.


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