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Quickly ready-to-use

With KAMPATOOLS, you are able to act digitally within days or weeks. Our software solution only has to be adapted to your specific needs. Lengthy concept and development phases are not needed.

Your advantage: react to external factors within the shortest amount of time, and launch campaigns where and when needed. As little or no time is needed for development you can focus on what is most important: content and the planning of additional communication measures.

"Good things come to those who wait." This saying doesn't apply to web projects: the longer they take, the more expensive they become.

Save time

In developing KAMPATOOLS, we looked very closely at the needs of campaign organizations and built KAMPATOOLS to satisfy the vast majority of these requirements. Because of this preparatory work, KAMPATOOLS can go live within days (in extreme cases), but more often within two weeks. We need this time to make adjustments to color, logos, menus, and mail templates; to import your contacts into contact management; and to train your employees.

React immediately

Once in place, you can launch new campaigns with KAMPATOOLS with little effort, and you can react even more quickly to external events. Temporal proximity and currentness are more important than ever in today's fast-paced world, especially for NGOs. With a donation campaign on the day right after a large catastrophe, you'll collect more donations and relief supplies than you would a week later.


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