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Raphael Golta in the Zurich City Council

Raphael Golta, elected to the Zurich City Council in February of 2014, was the first politician to rely on KAMPATOOLS.

He used the platform to win supporters for his committee, to generate donations, and to make his political positions accessible to a wide audience.

Starting position

Up to now, politicians campaigning for office have primarily relied on traditional means of advertising. They smiled from billboards, advertised in newspapers, and put out direct mailings. The personal web site was primarily used as a static information platform. Although most candidates take personal contact with potential voters very seriously, hardly anyone has taken advantage of the potential of personalized digital communications until now.

Raphael Golta did it differently

The newly elected city councilman used KAMPATOOLS for his online campaign. He sent donation appeals and collected online donations, gave his committee members a platform, and through blog posts and surveys, not only let the public know his positions, but also received valuable feedback from the populace. He used his Facebook fan page to promote his web site content.

Start-up help from Kampaweb

The KAMPATOOLS platform was implemented within a short amount of time. Thanks to the easy operation of Drupal and Salsa, the campaign team was able to independently transfer the content of the existing web site after some brief training. We delivered strategic input for the online campaign. And the Kampaweb team supported Raphael Golta and his team with the creation and management of his Facebook fan page, as well as with the promotion of his content and activities via Facebook and Google Ads.


"KAMPATOOLS always made it possible for me to react to themes and events flexibly and quickly, as well as to interact with people - this is essential to an active campaign."  
Raphael Golta, newly elected city councilman


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