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Responsive publishing

With the different types of pages, list views, and widgets, you bring static and dynamic content into shape. Whether it be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, KAMPATOOLS web design adapts to each terminal device.

We have given particular regard to the use of pictures, video material, and social sharing in the process.

Page types

By default, you can choose from the following contents and lists:


With KAMPATOOLS, you can run multiple online campaigns at the same time. The core element here are the campaign pages. You can supplement each landing page with showcases, texts, list views, and widgets. In the process, define a campaign site as your installation's front page.


Up to four showcases are displayed as tabs on campaign sites. Choose between a large background picture, a small picture, or a video, and define the corresponding text elements. By clicking on the button, the visitor arrives at an internal or external site as desired.

Action sites

Create an action site for every Salsa form - be it a newsletter registration, an advocacy initiative, a donation site, or an event. In turn, actions can be embedded in the right column on all additional sites.

Static content sites

It's best to host meta information about your organization or your campaign on static sites. Here, you can also appeal initiatives or donations in the right column, or allude to events.


Publicize news about your work in news postings, as well as on the news list view. Through the use of catchwords, enable your users to individually filter news.


Create a detailed site for each event with information about the event location and the optional registration form. In addition, all current events are displayed on the agenda list view, and past events in the archive.


Media communications have the same structure as news and are displayed as a separate list view. You can also publicize media articles in one of your own lists, and in the process, link it to the original online article, or publish the the posting in the form of a picture, document, or video.


Whether Facebook social plug-ins, Twitter, Widgets, or Conversion Pixels: Widgets are centrally created and integrated into the desired sites.

General features

The different types of pages in KAMPATOOLS are similarly built and have the following properties by default:

Picture or video

Upload several pictures in the established format. As an alternative, there is also the option to embed YouTube videos in place of pictures. Monitor all media files using a practical overview, where you can also fortify them with additional image data.


A summary and a free text field for writing your texts are at your disposal. You can comfortably edit and format these with the WYSIWYG Editor ("what you see is what you get").


Individually design the right column on each site and place an appropriate initiative appeal on it. All initiative sites, list views, or widgets are at your disposal.


The division takes over our AddThis integration: in the process, more than 100 platforms and functions, as well as the entire palate of buttons is at your disposal. AddThis delivers detailed statistics with data pertaining to virality and number of shares. The shared content is fortified with meta data, such as a picture, a title, and a summary of the web site.


You can supplement your content with documents in the established file formats, links to your own or external content, and pictures. These will be displayed at the bottom of the site.