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SETI Alliance

SETI is an alliance of companies in the Cleantech sector, governments, universities, and NGOs. It struggles to break down trade barriers in the field of renewable energy as comprehensively as possible for the benefit of a quicker energy transition.

With KAMPATOOLS, the SETI Alliance makes information on current debates available, sends out event invitations, and collects donations and membership fees.

Starting position

The SETI Alliance is a young organization with a high profile. In addition, its members come from a variety of different industries. The former SETI Alliance web site primarily provided information. Interactive elements, such as the options to register for events or to donate, were missing.


By joining KAMPATOOLS, the SETI Alliance wants to increase its profile and reduce the cut-off for parties interested in joining the Alliance. In addition, future events and member surveys will be carried out through the platform.


With, the first English-language KAMPATOOLS web site went online. When you join, it is initially kept to one language, but other languages can be added at any time. The SETI Alliance now has all the necessary tools available to present its work and successfully communicate with its members.


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