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Technically cutting-edge

KAMPATOOLS combines the Drupal CMS with the online engagement platform Salsa. Responsive web design is standard. Thanks to further developments and regular updates, it is technically cutting-edge, even if you join in the future.

Your advantage: rely on established software. More than 2,000 organizations work with Salsa. The White House and many others use Drupal.

Drupal open source CMS

Drupal is an established, multifaceted open source CMS that is successfully used on thousands of major web sites (Unicef Switzerland, Oxfam, Greenpeace UK, Amnesty International, White House, etc.). The content management system supports a free, customized layout and any enhancements; is easy to use; and is search engine-friendly. Drupal particularly lends itself to the construction of web 2.0 sites, which are based on interaction and community functions.

There is a large, active developer community behind Drupal. The system is constantly being optimized, and new functions are regularly added, thereby winning in the fields of quality and functionality. Open source means independence and investment security; an open solution such as Drupal guarantees independent operation, access to the data source at all times, and last but not least, expandability. Open source is cost-effective: there are no licensing fees. Ongoing up-to-dateness is guaranteed by intelligent installation support and continual updates of the solution to the most current versions.


Salsa online engagement platform

Salsa is used by more than 2,000 organizations with a total of more than 70 million supporters. Kampaweb linked Drupal and Salsa so that the data entered into Drupal CMS flows seamlessly into Salsa's contact database. We also have a lot of experience with linking and synchronizing offline CRM systems to Salsa.

Salsa helps to handle mass email dispatches (ex. newsletters), fundraising , advocacy (including petitions and pressure mailers), and events in a highly efficient and personalized manner. With the help of an integrated search engine and group functions, you can easily structure and manage your contact data . You can even produce letter shipments using Salsa's mail merge feature.

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